Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2021: FIIL T1X Earbuds

January 14 21:00 2021

The new FIIL T1X is the best true wireless earbuds in a normal range. The slim and sleek earbuds are slightly heavy in bass, which is actually satisfying. The FIIL true wireless earbuds are balanced enough for audio content. This will allow you to enjoy the favorite tunes with the little problem that is heavy bass. The down part of true wireless is they don’t have noise cancellation. If we talk about the upside of the earbuds, the main thing is that the in same price many other earbuds from other companies provide only limited features, but here FIIL gives a lot of features at the same price.

Features of FIIL T1X True Wireless Earbuds:


The black oval shape earbuds look similar to other headphones. FIIL has brought up the best quality product made with a plastic body. The shiny plastic body gives a premium look to the wireless earbuds. The inner material of the wireless headphones is done with a matte finish.


Coming to the comfort of the new FIIL T1X wireless earbuds, the earbuds’ shape is oval, which makes them comfortable. Due to this oval shape of earbuds, they go deep in the ear and do not pressure the ear. With the buds attach to the tips, they will allow the user to use the earbuds the whole long day. To adjust the wireless headphones, the user also gets the different ear tips to use as per the ears’ adjustment. The down part of these earbuds could be that the user should not pressure the earbuds. Unless they are touch-sensitive products, but it is suggested to handle them with care.


Controls of the FIIL T1X True Wireless earbuds are quite impressive and different from others. The oval-shaped earbuds have adequate controls, but they are not the most intuitive to use right off the bat. Like, to turn up the volume, it requires the tap on the right earbud, and to lower the volume, it will require three taps on the same earbud. On the left, the wireless earbuds give the ability to pick or hang up on the call. In the controls section, earbuds will allow the user to control the volume, music, and call. Also, the earbuds, when attached to a device/smartphone, make a prompt sound. Also, the earbuds beep whenever the maximum or the minimum volume is reached. All the wireless headphones come with a great button layout.


As the name suggests, the FIIL T1X is a wireless earbud. So, similar to other wireless headphones in the market, they are also portable. User can quickly put them in the pocket and carry them to any place. They are also easy to carry in the bags, as the case is not too big to handle. The case is a good carrying case that feels solid and sturdy. In this case, also earbuds will let the user know about the control schemes.

Water Proof

The new FIIL T1X Wireless earbuds are built in good material. They are easy to carry and easy to use. The best option that the FIIL brings in their earbuds is the IP rating, i.e., waterproof earbuds; the FIIL T1X earbuds come with the IP65 rating. Users can easily use them during sports, as they are sweat-free, and if somehow they got splashes of water in the rain, FIIL earbuds are easy to clean and use.


The new FIIL earbuds are very much suited for the sports player. The reason behind this is the stability of the FIIL earbuds. They suit every sport, i.e., cricket, football, athletics and many more. As the earbuds come with various ear tips options, the user can choose according to their ears and the steady ones for the sports.

Extra Features and Battery Life

The new FIIL T1X earbuds use the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which will allow lag-free connections with the smartphone or any other device. The company suggests that there are no master earbuds, so the user can take out any of the earbuds from the case and connect them to the device.

The microphone could be said they are the downside of the earbuds. The earbuds miss the low volumes. The user will have to place one of the earbuds in front of the mouth while talking. Also, if the earbuds are rated in the case, they don’t power off. This is quite inconvenient. As once connected to the device, the earbuds do not disconnect themselves when placed in a case. This makes a direct impact on battery life. So this is the major update that the company has to look after.


The battery of the FIIL T1X is quite impressive. The earbuds will give users the ability to use them continuously for about 24 hours over music and 36 hours of talk time. The earbud can last about 5 hours in a single charge, and the case offers four additional charges. This will bring about 20 hours of work.

Final Thought

FIIL T1X wireless earbuds stand in the top line of wireless headphones. The earbuds deliver excellent sound quality and a lot of basses. The heavy bass makes them at the top, but inadequate treble puts them down again. In all, in the regular budget, FIIL T1X earbuds have over 2000 five-star good reviews on Amazon and is the best wireless earbuds to buy.

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