Tribe Life Studios Signs With Prodigee Records To Be Distributed Through The Orchard/Sony

February 12 06:53 2021
Tribe Life Studios enters into a recording and distribution deal with Prodigee Records.

Tribe Life Studios has announced the signing of a major recording and distribution deal with Prodigee Records. The CEO of Tribe Life Studios, Homiletix, and Stone Paxton, the legendary funk/soul artist and the CEO of Prodigee Records, have joined hands to create this music venture which is great news for the fans of these two amazing artists.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a big recording and distribution deal with Prodigee Records,” says the CEO of Tribe Life Studios, Homiletix. “We are sure that this amazing collaboration will help create some truly wonderful music for our fans in the coming years. The artists associated with us all have a brilliant track record of delivering soulful music that never fails to sway fans.”

Homiletix from Ocala Florida and MULTiMiLCUZiMULTiTASK from Nashville, Tennessee, are two of the top hip-hop artists and known for their ability to thrill fans with styles that are completely different and unique. Neighborhood Watch Worldwide came together to form The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide in 2018. It is a band that has stuck to playing real hip hop music, unlike many others who have deviated from the genre and are misleading black culture.

Other artists like Roniel and I-C, both from Ocala, Florida, and Que from Fresno, California, are also part of the project.The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide is set for late February Release. Roniel project release is set late April, I-C release is set for June, and Que is set for July release. Tribe Life Studios will release a collaborative project in Early August which will keep them busy the rest of the year.

As leading icons of the Hip Hop industry, Homiletix and MULTiMiLCUZiMULTiTASK have impressive fan-following. In the past, the two have come together in the role of ghostwriters and producers to some of the top brands in the domestic as well as international music industry across multiple genres. 

Homiletix and MULTiMiLCUZiMULTiTASK have featured on Billboard many times on compilations with DJ Choice (Amada Records) and J Grid. 

A Homiletix solo project called Foreign Affairs produced by The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide was a major hit and captured the 5th spot on iTunes within just three days of its July 2020 release. 

The leading international artists involved in the project included P. Grizzy and K Dot T of Mass Destruction Entertainment out of East London and Cyba of the Hackney Borough of London. She is one of London’s top female MCs. Roniel, A Tribe Life Studio artist, and JT Money, a leading Hip Hop pioneer of the South, were also involved in the project.

The news of the Tribe Life Studios and the Prodigee Records coming together has been received with enthusiasm by the Hip Hop industry. Neighborhood Watch Worldwide are waiting with bated breath for the collaboration to come out with their latest musical offerings.  

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