UB Brands Recognized As Fast Growing Georgia-Based Hair Care and Skin Care Manufacturing Company for Award-Winning Products

September 01 17:26 2021

1 September, 2021 – UB Brands, a Georgia-based manufacturer of hair care and skin care products, has been recognized as a market leader for its award-winning product lines. A global company focused on developing the best core beauty and cosmetic products in the industry, UB Brands’ popular BEARDGAME, EDGEBOSS, WILDROOTS, and J.AMILA brands have been positively received by customers around the world due to their high-quality, all-natural formulations that effectively change lifestyles for the better.

“We are proud to be recognized as a leading manufacturer of multi-national, all-natural hair care and skin care products,” remarked a UB Brands spokesman. “Our labs continue to develop the best products for everyday beauty, hair, and skincare, and we are bound by our promise to provide 100 percent satisfaction to every customer,” they added.

The popular BEARDGAME, EDGEBOSS, WILDROOTS, and J.AMILA brands are just some of the most successful UB Brands products. The company’s BEARDGAME natural oils and balms keep facial beard hair moist and healthy to facilitate thicker, even growth when combined with other lifestyle and grooming techniques. Additionally, EDGEBOSS, a collection of specially designed styling creams, holds hair in high-temperature humidity with a waterproof and oil-resistant formulation, while WILDROOTS, a collective brand of hair, skin, and nail vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, strength oils, and related hair products, promotes healthy, stronger hair growth and J.AMILA vitamins support immunity. Other multi-national brands for all hair and skin type are available at affordable prices.

“These brands are just some of our award-winning multi-national products,” remarked a UB Brands spokesman. “We carefully develop these all-natural products to change lifestyles for the better, regardless of hair or skin type. Customers from all backgrounds have found success after making the transition to UB Brands,” they added.

A global company focused on providing the best in beauty and cosmetic products, UB Brands has been trusted by thousands worldwide to date. To learn more, or to browse the full collection of UB Brand cosmetics, please visit UBBrands.com. Free shipping is available on all orders of $35 or more for a limited time.

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