Sticking to the Innovation and Serving Financial Construction-Interview with QIAO Kai, a Well-known Financial Investment Expert

November 18 20:36 2021

Finance is an important part of social development, and innovation is the driving force for the development of the financial industry. As China’s financial industry develops towards diversification, internationalization, and marketization, the capital market has been opened, and the field of financial investment also moved into the fast lane of development. The demand of financial companies and investors for new technologies, methods and ideas has also increased rapidly, making the space for innovation and creativity in the field of financial investment greatly enhanced. The competition in this area is fierce, as well as a large number of outstanding financial investment innovation talents have appeared. They innovate the concept of financial investment with what they learn, know and feel, optimize the financial investment environment, improve the financial market operation mechanism, and promote the development of the financial market, and QIAO Kai is one of the most outstanding financial investment experts. He is innovative, courageous, nimble and wise, and has received numerous accolades and praises from industry professionals. Over the past ten years, QIAO Kai has persisted in the spirit of innovation, and has made considerable achievements in financial instrument innovation, financial business innovation and financial system innovation, lifting many companies and investors out of the development doldrums and getting a new lease on life.

Innovating technologies to reduce investment risk with new technology

Investment risk is a logical product of market economy. The unpredictable market economy is independent of human will. The investment environment, resource allocation, market value, management capabilities, investment policies and various unpredictable factors all directly affect the risk of investment. In order to effectively reduce investment risks and transform investment risks and benefits into each other, QIAO Kai, financial investment expert, innovatively integrates new technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence with traditional financial investment risk management, and independently develops numerous technical achievements with outstanding innovation and significant application effects, such as Asset Service System of Core Enterprises in Supply Chain Based on Internet Big Data, Asset Service Data Mutation Analysis System Based on Wavelet Analysis, Security Asset Allocation Decision-making System Based on Queue Intelligent Algorithm, etc., becoming a leader in the field of financial technology.

QIAO Kai believes that traditional financial investment risk control management has “three difficulties”, namely, difficulty of implementation, difficulty of dynamic monitoring and difficulty of system supervision. To this end, he, with his original technology achievements, set up a financial investment intelligent risk control system. Risk system reporting, intelligent risk identification, risk warning and reminding, risk disposal monitoring, internal document management, compliance event management, etc. are optimized to realize the construction of an integrated intelligent investment management platform of “risk, internal control and compliance” with “reporting, warning, disposal and monitoring” as the core. The platform can be integrated with various heterogeneous systems, including docking with third-party credit platforms to build various business-related risk models, intelligent dynamic monitoring, discovery of risk signs, and real-time multi-channel risk warning. Whether it is reporting the risk control system, or the process of risk disposal and rectification, the platform can visually monitor, and finally form risk control analysis reports and statements. What is more, the platform can integrate the printing control management system, combine the relevant process scenarios, and stamp electronic seals after approval and authorization. The use of all seals is monitored dynamically, the process of using seals is recorded completely, and real-time risk warning can be conducted when abnormalities are found. Additionally, the platform can be applied to scenarios such as contract performance, seal management, credit risk, and internal control system process coordination, effectively reducing corporate financial investment risks.

Strengthening management to optimize investment environment with new methods

In addition to technological innovation, QIAO Kai also attaches great importance to the innovation of corporate financial investment management. He believes that scientific and reasonable financial investment can enable major enterprises to obtain more economic returns, and then promote better development of enterprises. However, from a practical point of view, there are many problems in the field of financial investment in major enterprises, which directly affect the effectiveness of this financial investment management and need to be solved urgently.

Based on the new economic environment, the financial industry development background and years of practical experience, QIAO Kai proposed innovative ways to strengthen the management of corporate financial investment. The first is to increase efforts to assess the potential risks. He believes that companies need to make greater efforts to assess financial investment risks and combine the assessment results to effectively allocate the economic benefits and risks arising from financial investments to ensure that financial risks are always within manageable limits, thus effectively ensuring the benefits of financial receipts for major companies. Secondly, it is the standardized enterprise budgeting work. QIAO Kai proposed that enterprises should clearly point out the overall role and status of financial subjects in budgeting, while implementing a series of effective enterprise budgeting work through scientific and reasonable budgeting methods. Only in this way can we ensure the stable development of enterprises. Finally, it is to strengthen the internal audit of the enterprise group. In the enterprise internal audit, the fairness and independence of the audit needs to be guaranteed, and the key matters of each department should be audited in a focused manner to audit and supervise the implementation of internal controls, the authenticity and reasonableness of financial statements and policies, the operation of corporate information systems and the existence of major fraud in the subsidiaries of the enterprise group, as well as important matters, major contracts, major asset transfers, important personnel appointments and removals, etc. Moreover, the problems in the management of the enterprise internal control can be summarized timely, so as to provide the effectiveness of enterprise internal control work.

QIAO Kai said, “With the development of information technology, companies are facing more and more unknown risks in the process of financial investment management, and the competitive environment they face is becoming more and more complex, and in order to achieve sustainable development, enterprises should focus on strengthening financial management projects conceptually, and should also be prepared to reduce financial risks behaviorally, while improving the comprehensive literacy of staff, strengthening financial prevention awareness, and determining scientific effective investment direction, to promote the stable and healthy development of enterprises.”

Practicing application to help enterprises take off with new ideas

Whether it is technological innovation or method innovation, it needs to be implemented into projects and bring its value into play in practical applications. In recent years, QIAO Kai has served many large enterprises with new technologies, new methods and new ideas independently developed by him, providing enterprises with scientific and efficient financial investment solutions to help enterprises take off.

Three years ago, QIAO Kai took over the investment project of A Pharmaceutical Group, and conducted an in-depth analysis of the medical industry and related policies. Under the premise of the rapid growth of China’s national economy and the unprecedented expansion of the pharmaceutical market, he focused A Pharmaceutical Group’s operations on a closed-loop investment strategy with the entire industry chain in the medical industry, with a large-scale layout in pharmaceutical R&D, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices and diagnostics, medical services, and pharmaceutical distribution and circulation. Combined with QIAO Kai’s innovative technology and management methods, A Pharmaceutical Group started a rapid and steady revenue growth and will have more opportunities in its future development.

QIAO Kai has customized a set of unique investment plans for A Pharmaceutical Group. The investment method is mainly based on relatively small company holding type acquisition, large company cooperative operation, state-owned enterprise restructuring and equity participation and government introduction of investment, etc. After three years of development, A Pharmaceutical Group has invested in nearly 20 projects, of which 10 have been incorporated into the consolidated statement of the A Pharmaceutical Group’s listing system. As of the third quarter of 2021, A Pharmaceutical Group has a total equity of 2.167 billion yuan, a total market value of 89.431 billion yuan, and a price-earnings ratio of 35.24 times. During the same period, A Pharmaceutical Group achieved operating income of RMB 11.689 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23.6%. Under QIAO Kai’s reasonable planning and operation, the investment industry chain of A Pharmaceutical Group has become mature and has become a multi-product, multi-brand, multi-segment and multi-industry medical and health group.

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