Experienced Strategist Rex Barr Jr. Launches Catan Strategy Group To Develop Sustainable Businesses

November 19 11:25 2021
Experienced Strategist Rex Barr Jr. Launches Catan Strategy Group To Develop Sustainable Businesses
Serial entrepreneur, Rex Barr, cerates Catan Strategy Group, as he continues in his quest of helping business owners grow their brand in the 21st century

Rex Barr is again looking to share his wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over the years with aspiring entrepreneurs as he founds the Catan Strategy Group. Founded in 2021, the company offers boutique consultancy services tailored to meet the specific needs of each business, ultimately ensuring maximum Return on Investment. The launch of the company is particularly timely, as Rex seeks to share the strategies he used to help companies grow their revenue on average by 18% and increase profit by 24% during the pandemic.

The business environment has evolved over the years, with technological advancements leading to more solutions designed to help organizations grow their brand. However, studies reveal that an estimated 50% of businesses fail to make it past their first year due to several reasons. This was not the case of Rex Barr Jr. and his several ventures, driven by his tenacity and passion for excellence to outclass the competition and excel in his industry.

Prior to founding Catan Strategy, Rex has proven his prowess as an entrepreneur, founding businesses that have grossed over a million-dollar, with one making over $80 million already. The feats achieved by Rex are particularly laudable as he practically started from close to zero, beginning his business with $3k and growing it into a multi-million-dollar venture employing over a thousand people in Pennsylvania. The business, healthcare, marketing, finance, and real estate expert has helped over 40 businesses across industries to generate 2 million dollars annually and he is looking to translate this achievement into the works with Catan Strategy.

Rex has shown that he is more than an entrepreneur, starting a nonprofit to help first-time homeowners acquire their homes, to create over 100 new homeowners in 2022. He has also donated over $200,000 to education while helping to start more than 10 women-led companies.

For more information about Catan Strategy and the services offered to help businesses skyrocket their brand, visit – www.catansg.com.

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