BitcoinClassic has attracted the attention of many crypto asset trading platforms

January 07 21:56 2022

The year 2021 is a volatile and fruitful year for the cryptocurrency market, the total market value of cryptocurrency rose from $800 billion to $2.2 trillion in a year, and users participating in the cryptocurrency market generally received rich returns; data agencies predict that the cryptocurrency market boom may continue until 2023, and all participating users may get more revenue.

Bitcoin Classic, as a highly potential cryptocurrency, naturally also attracted the attention of the market; after ZB opened the BGH / USDT trading pair, BGH rose up to 4030%, attracting many participants.

Bitcoin Classic's number of users is growing

Bitcoin Classic’s number of users is growing

What is a Bitcoin Classic?

abbreviated BGH, Bitcoin Classic has a constant 210 million releases. It is an optimized and upgraded version of the original Bitcoin chain and was born at 630,000 Bitcoin block height. With increasing transaction speed and reduced transaction fees, Bitcoin Classic has also made large changes to block volume size, and supports each block size as a dynamic value, increasing the original 1MB block limit to 8MB, significantly increasing the transaction volume that the network can support, and it can flexibly handle transactions in each block. In addition, Bitcoin Classic has increased block generation speed, generating one block per minute, rewarding 50 BGH per block, and being halved at the height of 2.1 million blocks.

What crypto asset trading platforms are following Bitcoin Classic?

As mentioned above, after the ZB platform opened up the BGH / USDT transactions, many users have focused their attention on the Bitcoin Classic, and the number of Bitcoin Classic currency addresses is growing. The number of users focusing on Bitcoin Classic is growing, and many crypto asset trading platforms are gradually noting Bitcoin Classic. For example, Singapore Coinstore Exchange and VinDAX have also opened the BGH / USDT trading market.

In addition, what other trading platforms may Bitcoin Classic launch in the near future?

Data show that Nomics, an encrypted data aggregator invested by a Coinbase fund, has reached ecological cooperation with Bitcoin Classic. If the number of Bitcoin Classic users continues to grow, then Coinbase will inevitably notice Bitcoin Classic, and may provide trading services for it. In addition, Bitcoin Classic also reached a partnership with Binance CoinMarketCap, through browser query that Binance wallet is constantly increasing BGH; so Bitcoin Classic will launch Binance in the near future.

BitcoinClassic has attracted the attention of many crypto asset trading platforms

Okex’s Marketer proactively contacts with Bitcoin Classic community leaders

In addition to Coinbase and Binance, Bitcoin Classic may also launch Okex in the near future, and I personally think the probability of Bitcoin Classic launching Okex is the greatest. The above image shows that Okex’s Marketer has actively contacted the Bitcoin Classic telegram community administrator through Bitcoin Classic’s telegram group and hoping to cooperate with it. Based on years of market experience, Bitcoin Classic has reached a cooperation with Okex recently, and Okex has a high probability to open BGH / USDT.

Why is the Bitcoin Classic continuing to attract the attention of the exchanges?

I think there are the following main reasons:

1、The number of Bitcoin Classic users is growing, and if crypto asset trading platforms want to get this traffic, they have to open BGH up; this is a win-win situation for Bitcoin Classic and crypto asset trading platforms.

2、The value of Bitcoin Classic network has grown to be negligible. According to Bitcoin Classic data, Bitcoin Classic reached 514PH / s by January 4, 2022; this means a large number of miners participate in the maintenance of Bitcoin Classic network, which even have more power than BSV; so more encrypted asset trading platforms will notice the existence of Bitcoin Classic.

3、Bitcoin Classic is an optimized and upgraded version of the Bitcoin chain that can do something that Bitcoin cannot do, which will cover some aspects of Bitcoin; mainstream crypto asset trading platforms may open BGH / USDT deals in the future as a supplement to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Classic really attracts more attention from users and I have no doubt it will become a mainstream cryptocurrency with its global layout and increasing application scenarios. 

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