DiversiFi: bringing crypto projects together with the help of FTM

January 24 13:40 2022
DiversiFi: bringing crypto projects together with the help of FTM

The future of finance and investing undoubtedly includes cryptocurrency, not only because of its decentralized system that makes it accessible to everyone but also because of its intrinsic value. As each token has its own value, holders have the capacity to diversify and hold multiple tokens. 

DiversiFi is a community inspired project with a clear intention to establish itself in the DeFi Space as an innovator, a disruptor & a market leader. With an inspired team and with the help of FTM chain DiversiFi provides a vetted list of tokens to select from its custom dashboard. For more seasoned FTM chain experts, DiversifF will deliver your favorite projects directly to your wallet at no extra cost. The more trading volume DFi token receives, the greater the dividends paid out.

Diversifi Crypto aims to facilitate growth of the Fantom Chain through connecting project communities with the tools, resources and networks needed to push collective chain growth. This includes Tokens and NFT projects, which is why DiversiFi has established a formal partnership with FantomSquad’s NFT collection, driving extra value back to holders.

DiversiFi Token holders have the opportunity to lock their DFi Tokens to earn an increased share of the Rewards Pool through our custom dashboard released before launch.They have partnered with an amazing artist who has created a stunning line of NFT art that will bring value directly back to DFi token holders. A percentage of minting and secondary NFT sales will go to provide funding for a buy-back and added to the Buy-Back wallet.

With many features including High performance and scalable smart-contract platform, Permissionless, decentralized and open-source, Proof-of-Stake, High levels of security, Fast transactions, less than 1 second they are leading the crypto space. It is an ambitious project with an ambitious team. The Road Map is available on their website with their goals & targets to be released over their projected timeline.

Publishing: www.cryptochina.solutions

NFT: www.fantomsquad.com

Community: https://t.me/DiversifiSquad

DFi: https://dexscreener.com/fantom/0xc79fc6ee4f4f065c32b1fff8d4ca9a5feef7a6ec

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