Beli Finance – A revolutionary rising star of Decentralized Finance

April 19 13:36 2022

Beli Finance is a multichain decentralized currency protocol that leverages unique yield farming and LP token opportunities for the community to gain maximum profits through buybacks. $BELI token is backed by a cryptocurrency reserve funded by yield farming interests on USDT, BUSD, BNB and other tokens to provide liquidity and stability to the token price on the go. Beli Finance never locks or sells your assets as treasury to back the $BELI tokens.

Banks act as our currency reserve and the value of the currency keeps depreciating as the buying power decreases with time. The currency is controlled by the governments and very few in power making it completely centralized. After this traditional currency, comes DeFi 1.0 like PancakeSwap and Sushiswap, lending their services in Decentralized Finance. Beli Finance uses the concept of Decentralized Currency Reserve Protocol (DCRP) which is way ahead of those conventional approaches and inarguably the best so far. Beli Finance, using DCRP DeFi 2.0, provides a multichain Yield Optimizer Aggregator platform that converts yield farm interests to buyback $BELI tokens and provide the treasury funds.

Why Beli Finance would be the next big name in the crypto space:

Intriguing Rewards:

If you have an amount to save or invest, Beli Finance is the perfect option for many reasons. Beli Finance uses the funds to hunt for various opportunities in its DeFi ecosystem to maximize the users’ incentives. Liquidity pools (LPs),‌ ‌automated market making (AMM) projects,‌ ‌and‌ ‌other yield‌ farming approaches are used to benefit the community on a larger scale.

  • Beli Finance never uses your original capital as treasury assets.
  • Beli Finance engages a unique yield farming approach where only farming interests are converted and distributed to the platform treasury.
  • These farming and staking interests are used to buyback $BELI tokens for the users to give them as reward.
  • Frequent Buybacks from within the ecosystem add extensive and ever rising value to the $BELI token.
  • With the ever rising price of $BELI tokens, those who HODL will be at maximum gains.
  • Since, these tokens are added back to the initial assets of the buyers. This helps the buyers’ original capital increase both quantitatively and price vise.
  • Your funds remain in your control as these funds are safe and can be withdrawn at any moment.

Amazing Tokenomics of $BELI Token:

The prime focus of Beli Finance is to strengthen the price of the $BELI token. $BELI is a DRCP (Decentralized Reserve Currency Protocols) token that is supported by an actual treasury. As each $BELI token is supported by the actual treasury in ‘Vault’, the price of the token will never drop below the ‘floor price’. Rewards from the harvest yield farm are distributed with a smart approach to incentivize the ecosystem on longer terms. 50% of the rewards go directly to the treasury to increase the liquidity. 25% are used to buy back and burn out a quantity of $BELI token forever. In a border view, the interest from farming and staking is not only used to reward the investors but used also to buy back the native token to benefit those who HODL it. As $BELI is a hard cap token having a limited quantity. So buying back the token will benefit the $BELI HODLERS the most as not only the price will rise as they buy but also there will be limited supply of the tokens left for public sales.

$BELI has a hard cap supply of 99,000,000 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. The hard cap supply limits the circulation/ creation of tokens more than this value and creates scarcity to derive the value of tokens up. $BELI is the native token of the Beli Finance ecosystem and is used as fuel, rewards, and fees in and across Beli Finance. For those who have staked the Beli Finance in the staking vaults, rewards are given as $BELI tokens. Buy-backs are performed in the open market. Interestingly enough, since $BELI is non-inflationary with a fixed value of tokens, these frequent buybacks will play a major role to strengthen the price of the $BELI token.

1. Security and Transparency:

Beli Finance has a primary focus on contract security to save community funds by avoiding any proxies and migrators in the smart contracts. The time lock mechanism provides transparency and roots out any chances of whale attacks. The fundamentals of $BELI are quite strong and being a DRCP token its price will keep rising forever, progressively.

2. Community Governance:

Projects that don’t include the community fail, no matter how strong they are fundamentally and technically. With the inclusion and engagement of the community, we have arguably seen even memes projects succeed. Beli Finance not only offers huge rewards to the community but also offers governance to all stakers of the $BELI token. The community will be able to vote even on the core decisions of projects on later stages as Beli Finance moves on the roadmap.

3. Launch Locker and Transfer Tax:

While the launch locker locks the value the transfer tax increases the buying pressure – sending $BELI to the moon. Launch Locker is quite a nifty approach where after the launch all the harvested rewards will be locked for 30 days. The team is well aware that at unlocking time, selling pressure might spike so they planned to release this locked amount block by block steadily, in the course of 60 days.

The transfer tax, in addition, will be used to fortify the value by burn and buybacks. For more information and project details, we recommend the official links provided below.

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Beli Finance comes from the hands of cryptocurrency veterans having a foresighted vision for the project. Sustainable economics and steady growth of the token will steer Beli Finance to the heights of wide community acceptance and value generation. Lucrative rewards, Multi chain approach, incredible token, and tokenomics, security transparency, utility – Beli Finance has everything to make it a successful project in crypto space and a rising star of Decentralized Finance. 

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