NH Bison Farm Adds Home Delivery and Referral Program to Popular Meat CSA

April 22 00:08 2022
Yankee Farmer’s Market delivers fresh, all-natural, farm-raised meat to consumers. With 250 acres of land, Yankee Farmer’s Market offers healthy meats to cater to everyone’s needs. The farm has recently added a home delivery service and referral program to their Meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Warner, New Hampshire, USA Yankee Farmer’s Market strives to provide the people of New England with healthy, farm-raised meats. They offer a wide selection of buffalo, elk, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, venison, and grass-fed beef. With a strong vision to provide healthy, local and delicious meat, the NH bison farm is proud to support more than 30 sustainable farms in the area.

Yankee Farmer’s Market has recently partnered with Renewal Garden & Compost to offer home delivery of their CSA Meat Shares. CSA programs, or “Community-supported agriculture,” create a reciprocal relationship of trust and support between the farmer and the consumer. The CSA members receive a hand-packed, monthly Meat Share that is available in three different sizes, with more than nine pickup locations or home delivery available. Each Meat Share is fully customizable, with a choice of 8 different species and over 200 high-quality cuts of meat. Meat Shares start at $149.00 for the “Single” size, which offers 9-14 pounds of meat each month, with two larger sizes available to suit families of all kinds.

Yankee Farmer’s Market believes in the power of small, sustainable farms, and seeks to empower other local farmers. In addition to offering a wide selection of farm-raised meats, Yankee Farmer’s Market also sells compost, hay, and livestock.

Talking about their farm, owners Brian and Keira Farmer from Yankee Farmer’s Market said: “Once you get past the irony of our name and our chosen profession, you will find what Yankee Farmer’s Market has to offer. Yankee Farmer’s Market was developed to provide consumers with healthy, delicious, all-natural meat. Our hope in developing Yankee Farmer’s Market is to put agriculture back into the hands of the small, local farmer.”

About Yankee Farmer’s Market:

Founded in 1998, Yankee Farmer’s Market has always focused on offering high-quality, local, and healthy meats. Located in the beautiful town of Warner, New Hampshire, what started with just 5 buffalo has now grown to 3 farms, 250 acres, raising 40 Scottish Highland cattle and a herd of 30-50 head of buffalo. Yankee Farmer’s Market also works with more than thirty other farms to help promote local agriculture and sustainability.

Links: Home Page: https://www.yankeefarmersmarket.com

Meat CSA Page: https://www.yankeefarmersmarket.com/meatcsa

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