A User From Texas, USA Found the best custom oil painting service after comparing 4 most popular ones

April 25 17:25 2022
In this exclusive interview, Mike Smith shares his reviews on the most popular custom oil painting services and which one he finds the best

This reporter sits with Mike Smith, a resident of Texas USA and a professional reviewer, who shared what he found when he companies 4 most popular custom oil painting service providers i.e Paint your life, DreamsPainter, PortraitFlip & Mavenart.

Q. Hi, Mike. Let’s start by introducing yourself and what this challenge took up?

A. My name is Mike. I am a  professional reviewer. Recently, some of my fans sent their request to see me do a test about OIL PAINTING.

So that is why the journey to find the best and cheapest custom oil paintings from the 4 best companies in the world started.

Q. Great! So who are these companies?

A. They are Paint Your Life, DreamsPainter, PortraitFlip, and Mavenart

Q. So what was your requirement?

A. Well, I chose the picture of my parents and my daughter. My mom passed away 6 years ago, and she never had a chance to meet my daughter Jane. So I gave 2 individual pictures to Paint your life and other companies.

There are the custom oil painting companies, which are in the list of testing:

DreamsPainter & Paint your life & PortraitFlip & Mavenart (sort alphabetically). I focused on 9 aspects while judging them.

Q. So what are these aspects and what did you find?


1. The first one was Picture Design. There are 3 important factors to see the quality of the picture design: old photo restoration, color difference, and background. The background was too simple from Paint your life.

2. The second aspect was the Finished Product.

When I received oil paintings from Paint your life and other companies, I felt completely different. They should be using different quality paints, so whether it is color saturation or the fineness of the oil painting, the difference is very big. In addition, the frame is also a very important factor. An advanced frame can make the painting more gorgeous. But if the frame is not good, it will even make the size of the oil painting smaller.

3. Then I considered Painting Time.

My understanding of oil painting is that the threshold for landscape painting is relatively low, and portrait painting requires a deeper knowledge of the artist to be more like it. So I’m not too strict on this, because I know a good painting is worth more time. I should be more patient.

4. Then of course the turnaround time.

I have to say that custom oil painting from Paint your life and other companies are very long because it is not just a simple product, there are more custom services in it. So it deserves a lot of time for the whole process. If you need to buy custom oil paintings for your love, remember to reserve enough time in advance. 

Q. What about the price? I am sure many readers would be wondering about that

A. Yes. Price is the most concerning topic. I’ve bought a lot of decorative oil paintings in the past, and they ranged from a few dozen dollars to a few hundred dollars. As I said before, portraiture is more difficult, so I’m willing to pay more for it.

For me, it’s not just a work of art, it’s helping me make up for a regret: having my deceased mom and my daughter in the same painting. It’s very meaningful.

The price of Paint Your Life is the most expensive, so I had high expectations for their work.

Q. What was the sixth factor?

A. So that’s Service.

In the process of customizing oil paintings, there are many issues that need to be communicated, such as whether to repair old photos, whether I can modify the photo design if I am not satisfied, and so on. The speed of customer service response is a very important factor.

The 7th factor was Packaging protection

I hope the oil paintings I receive are perfectly packaged and not damaged in any way in transit. I was satisfied with the way both DreamsPainter and Paint Your Life are packaged.

Modification time was the 8th factor

Paint your life and other companies told me that if I’m not satisfied I can make unlimited revisions until I’m satisfied. But what I want to say is that if I’m not satisfied with the painting as a whole, there’s no way I can be satisfied by just making changes.

Q. And what was the 9th factor?

A. That’s Fade or not

When I unbox the oil painting, there is a possibility that the paint will be rubbed against it. I’d be disappointed if the painting were to fade, and I’m not sure if it really lasted that long.

Q. I must say, you really went deep with your analysis. So what was your conclusion?

A.  I prepared a chart, to sum up, the comprehensive review score for Paint your life and other companies in one place. 

To be honest, this result was beyond my expectations. At first, I had the highest expectations for Paint Your Life, because it is the most famous and the most expensive. But when I really spent more than a month doing this evaluation, I found that DreamsPainter has better products and higher Cost-effective.

Q. Any last message for our readers?

A. Yes.

If you also have a dream to realize or have some regrets to make up for, you can use oil painting to realize it like me. I hope this review article can help you make a more suitable decision for you when choosing an oil painting company.

The full comparison chart can be seen here: https://media.publit.io/file/PR/Full_Comparision_Chart.jpeg

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