iDazzle Media Is Create New generation of Networks For The Humans Of Today

April 26 20:11 2022
With entertaining short videos and viral media news, iDazzle Media is producing content that is a perfect fit for today’s generation

Bigger is always better. Many of us think this is true when it comes to building our online networks of social media platforms. But new research suggests the opposite may be closer to the truth. curating small networks of smart connections may be more successful in the long term. While this may seem counterintuitive, it comes with a new generation of needs.

Although claims that our attention spans are now shorter than that of a goldfish have been proven to be misleading, as humans we do have the tendency for short attention spans. Some fascinating research from Princeton University shows that attention spans and perception isn’t a continuous experience but instead ‘pulses’ on and off, as we switch our attention every 250 milliseconds from what’s going on on-stage to the analysis taking place in our own heads.

iDazzle Media is a Digital Media Entity launched in 2022 It is an integrated media network that provides entertainment short videos and viral media news in different categories.

The network has gained great popularity recently on all social media platforms.

When we asked the CEO Founder, Mohammed Adel, from Egypt, about the network he said: “My goal for the network is to launch an integrated production community of entertainment videos that meet commercial purposes in a new different way from what we have promised, based on digital statistics standards and depending on AI algorithms In the process of spreading.”

It is worth mentioning that Mohammed Adel is one of the elegant entrepreneurs in high-end business ideas, especially in the sciences of algorithms, Web solutions, digital and statistical marketing, probability science, and digital economy, His recently been fascinated by artificial intelligence.

Mohammed Adel worked with important people in too many categories, In addition to different projects in the stock and financial markets.

The competition between video applications and different platforms has become very absorbing after the new generation of videos called shorts on YouTube and Real on Instagram.

High-quality video content is extremely powerful. For businesses wanting to drive tangible success in modern digital marketplaces, understanding how to produce engaging video is arguably more important than ever before.

Typically securing better engagement levels than its long-form counterpart, short content is also more likely to hold viewers’ attention for longer than ten seconds, which is proving to be one of the greatest challenges facing video marketers today.

As more people are likely to engage with short videos, messages will be more likely to reach and resonate with larger segments of the target audience.

Nowadays, this perception is true, which is why we should treat everything as a stage. The more one documents what is relevant to their brand or their philosophy, the more connections they will gain. The more connections they have, the more relationships they will build.

To conclude in the words of Mohammed Adel ”Short videos are highly shareable. This is important if increasing your reach is one of your core business objectives.”

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