Meet Gianna Brenord, Little Miss New York US Nation 2022

July 30 02:00 2022

Gianna is the reigning Little Miss New York US Nation 2022 titleholder. This 10-year-old girl has been modeling for just over 1 year and a half. Several things inspired this young girl to try the modeling industry; her love for being in the spotlight, watching other models and fashion shows on television, and her height. Gianna began her journey with the Miss US Nation pageant after casting to compete for the Miss New York East Coast US Nation 2022 pageant in her age category. Out of many applicants in her area, over 200- Gianna was selected to represent the city of Brooklyn and compete for the state crown. The judges were impressed with her confidence, poise, and maturity and she was crowned Little Miss New York US Nation on June 26th, 2022 in the heart of Queens, NY.

Gianna is not just all about wearing trendy clothes and taking pictures, but she is also a very intelligent young girl with big goals. Gianna places a high value on education as well and hopes to go to college in the future, become a successful model/actress & be featured at the MET Gala, Oscars, or Grammys.

Gianna’s favorite school subject is writing “In writing, you’re able to unleash your creativity and write what you like!”, says Gianna. The multi-talented tween model has the true gift of being a very outgoing person. “I am not shy at all, most people sometimes get butterflies when meeting new people especially when they are very important people, not me! I love meeting new people. For me it’s like getting an opportunity to get to know the world better.”, says Gianna. This is one of the attributes that make her unique; in addition to her ability to speak multiple languages, code, and make animated films.

One of Gianna’s role models is Adut Akech. Not only because she is also a colored model like her, but because she is fun and humble. Seeing her success makes Gianna confident that she can also accomplish such goals. She also admires that Adut wears any hairstyle; short, braids, or afro. “She is proud of who she is and I look up to that”, says Gianna. As Little Miss New York US Nation 2022 and an aspiring fashion model- Gianna hopes to break some common stereotypes; such as all models having to be tall, blonde, and skinny. “We shouldn’t just assume what others are like or what they do just because of what they wear or look like”, says Gianna. Another stereotype she would like to break is the “privilege stereotype” – the common misconception that you have to come from a wealthy family to become successful or famous. Success comes with a lot of work and even if you do come from a wealthy family-you still need to work hard just like everyone else in the world. “You don’t just wake up one day and get a call from Vogue magazine, that’s not how life works!”, says Gianna.

We can surely see that this young girl knows the value of dedication and hard work. We know she will be going places! Stay up to date with Gianna and her journey to the Miss Nation Universe crown.

Follow her on Instagram: @gianna_brenord. Photo Credits to Aldo Antonio (Aldo Fotografia) & Shaune Sterling (Sterlings Touch Photography).

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Photo Credits: Shaune Sterling

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