When NFT Breaks Into Surrealism: Hitchhiker of Star lies where the universe ends

When NFT Breaks Into Surrealism: Hitchhiker of Star lies where the universe ends

September 18
05:12 2022

Games, music, painting, literature, and other things are collectively called art. Artists create works of great artistic value with their rich imagination and flexible yet rigorous skills. There are millions of expressions of art works, and NFT is one of them.

Figure 1:NFT Total Market Cap

At the end of last year, NFT suddenly exploded and reached the highest total market value in recent years at the end of January this year: $32.05B. As of now, the total market value of NFT is at $23.53B and the number of holders is over 2.8 million. Currently the hottest NFT is [CryptoPunks], which enjoys a total market cap of $2.23B. The highest price in history comes from one of the NFTs named [CryptoPunk #7845], which ranks first with 111.5ETH.

Non-Fungible Tokens: NFT’s Conversion from Meme to Price

NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique token based on blockchain technology that can be used to represent almost anything including physical assets, in-game assets, collectibles, land ownership, artworks, and more. In the early days, NFT was the main venue for Meme culture enthusiasts to create freely, and young people continued to create works represented by memes and made them public in the form of NFT.

Figure 2: Number of NFT Holders

With the development, for artists, apart from the creation itself, the copyright of their works, as well as the subsequent circulation and economic benefits, have always been their main concern. NFT encodes artworks into smart contracts, where the uniqueness/irreplaceability and value circulation continue to attract more and more artists to join NFT.

With market purchasing power, the price grows, and this process, in turn, gradually drives the price of NFT itself. Like many collectibles, NFT itself represents different artistic value, rarity, utility, and so forth, resulting in different NFT prices. For example, the earliest 28 years in November, Decentraland lot sold for $215,000, later a rare Cryptokitty named Dragon, sold for 600 ETH, which was worth about $170,000 at the time.

There is a Hitchhiker inside everyone

The NFT field offers a whole different approach to art, and as a result a very wide variety of NFT portfolios have emerged, on a wide range of topics. In a certain way, NFT can represent a specific group or even an attitude towards life.

Figure 3: Hitchhiker of Star collection on OpenSea

[Hitchhiker of star], is the first metaverse project of 3D interstellar roaming mechs. The background of the story is set to environmental destruction of the Earth, then a group of one-eyed intelligent creatures – mechs (Hitchhiker) set foot on this planet, seeking to save the power of the interstellar. In the process, Hitchhikers continue to roam the interstellar, eventually successfully save the Earth’s human race through many difficulties, repair the interstellar system, and become a brave and righteous interstellar roaming city management force.

In terms of artistic value, [Hitchhiker of star] hopes that everyone “Don’t Panic”, always keep the spirit of adventure, and join the mysterious journey of exploring the world with Hitchhiker.

Figure 4: Hitchhiker of Star styling diagram

In fact, there is a Hitchhiker inside everyone. The unique style of Hitchhiker of Star inclueds its magnificent cosmic setting, exciting adventure journey, and the variety of interstellar wanderers including: super computer, beeping squad‘s tongue, interstellar wanderer guide, and more. This novel and brilliant combination inspires people’s innermost beliefs of freedom and love of adventure, making everyone interested in [Hitchhiker of star].

Figure 5: The image of Hitchhiker of Star on the graffiti wall in New York

[Hitchhiker of star] has completed 550 whitelist FREE MINT, 800 DUTCH ACTION MINT and 2200 WHITE LIST MINT, with a whitelist price of 0.08ETH, the highest price 1.68ETH in history. Under the current frosty market situation, [Hitchhiker of star star] NFT average price is 0.24ETH. According to the whitelist price, it still achieved a gain of over 3 times. At present, [Hitchhiker of star] has fans in many countries around the world, landing in many countries including: the United States, Germany, Italy, and so on. Hitchhiker image also joined the New York NFT graffiti wall. Users who want to acquire [Hitchhiker of star] can login to [Opensea] to make a purchase.

With the current low sentiment in the crypto market, the NFT market can’t be spared. As the public interest in it wanes, it is very likely that there will be drastic price fluctuations, such as star IPs and other NFTs that once became popular have all cracked down. Therefore, the NFT that can still harvest a large number of users to hold, is the real valuable NFT. As the market enthusiasm climbs, it is believed that [Hitchhiker of star] will definitely have a more exciting market performance.

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