2022 China International Financial Annual Forum

2022 China International Financial Annual Forum

October 06
14:08 2022

As a paramount forum in the financial field, the 2022 China International Financial Annual Forum, co-sponsored by Beijing Local Financial Supervision Administration, the Business Management Department of the People’s Bank of China, Shunyi District People’s Government and other units, recently ended successfully. Representatives of top financial institutions, industry experts and senior scholars gathered together to discuss the path of high-quality financial development and share opportunities for cooperation around hot topics such as finance, responsibility, climate investment, digital transformation and asset management.

AMCAP Group, an international asset management institution, agrees with the sound development of China’s financial market. On July 30th, AMCAP Group held the New Era International Innovation Capital Forum in China. A series of heavy conferences showed the rationality of the market and the expectation of future development. AMCAP Group said that the development of digital wealth has become the only way for global wealth management institutions, and it is also the clearest road to change at present. At the same time, the impact of the global epidemic has further accelerated the pace of online and digital application in all walks of life. Digital transformation of wealth management industry has become an irresistible trend of the times.

Through market data research, AMCAP Group believes that the long-term sound development of China’s economy has laid a solid foundation for the development of asset management industry. The asset management institutions took multiple measures simultaneously, giving full attention to diversified asset creation and flexible professional advantages, making asset supply and investment allocation for the cross-cycle allocation of residents’ wealth, and promoting the stable and healthy development of the wealth management industry.

It is worth mentioning that the continuous opening up of China’s financial industry has also brought development opportunities for overseas asset management institutions. In AMCAP Group’s view, China’s opening to the outside world in the financial sector has attracted the participation of foreign institutions, which has brought new impetus to the long-term healthy development of China’s capital market. AMCAP Group will give full attention to its overseas experience, global layout and other advantages, introduce more diversified product strategies, meet the needs of the Chinese market, and play a bridge role in financial management and investment at home and abroad.

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