Denim Laser Design from Water-free Technic

Denim Laser Design from Water-free Technic

December 21
11:20 2022

Denim is always the dispensible fashion in everyone’s wardrobe. Except for the draping and accessories decoration, the unique appearance from washing and finishing technics also fresh the denim fabrics. This article will show a new denim finishing technic – denim laser engraving. To provide advanced technical support and improve market competition for denim and jeans apparel manufacturers, laser denim finishing technology including laser engraving and laser marking digs out more potentials of denim (jeans) to make varieties of styles and more flexible processing come true.

• Introduction of denim wash technics

• Why choose laser denim finishing

• Denim applications of laser finishing

• Denim laser design and machine recommendation

Introduction of denim washes technicsYou may be familiar with traditional washing and finishing denim technologies, like the stone wash, mill wash, moon wash, bleach, distressed look, monkey wash, cat whiskers effect, snow wash, holing, tinting, 3D effect, PP spray, sandblast. Putting to use chemical and mechanical treatment on the denim fabric is unavoidable to result in negative environmental effects and fabric damage. Among that, immense water consumption may be the first headache for denim and garment manufacturers. Especially for the constant concern about the environment, the government and some enterprises gradually take responsibility for ecological protection.
Also, the preferred choice for eco-friendly products from customers prompt technical innovation on fabric & clothing design and production.For instance, Levi’s has realized the zero chemicals emission in denim production with the help of laser on denim by 2020 and digitalized the production line for less labor and energy input. Research shows that the new laser technology can save energy by 62%, water by 67%, and chemical products by 85%. That’s a huge improvement for production efficiency and environmental protection. 
Speaking of laser technology, laser cutting has occupied a part of the textile market whether for mass production, or small-batch customization. Automatic and customized laser characteristics make the sign obvious to replace traditional manual or mechanical processing with laser cutting. But not only that, unique thermal treatment from denim laser engraving machine can burn part materials to a depth by adjusting proper laser parameters, forming amazing & permanent image, logo, and text on the fabrics. That brings another renovation for denim fabric finishing and washing. The powerful laser beam can be digitally controlled to engrave surface materials, revealing the inner fabric color and texture. You will get the amazing color fading effect in different shades without the need for any chemical treatment. Sense of depth and stereo perception is self-evident. Learn more about denim laser engraving and marking!
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