Kez Kandlez, a luxury lifestyle candle brand, announced their plan to raise $50k for Lake Wales Senior High School

February 06 12:40 2023
Kez Kandlez is a candle business brand selling unique 3-wick wax candles. Kes, the founder, and Face yo’ Fears, a health cafe, seek to raise $50k by selling this luxury lifestyle clear gel wax candles for Lake Wales high school in Lake Wales, FL.

Kez Kandlez sells unique and attractively styled candles. Kes, a sports fanatic, founded Kez Kandlez during the pandemic. When there was hardly any hope with too much gloom on the planet, Kes came up with the idea of crafting such candles that could initiate a sense of peace and relaxation in one’s mind and body. After the successful launch of the business, Kes is using his philanthropic drive to its best to benefit the community through his business venture. 

Recently, Kez Kandlez joined Face yo’ Fears, a health cafe, to raise money for the local high school, i.e., ‘Lake Wales Senior High School’. The enthusiastic budding entrepreneurs seek to raise $50,000 for the high school. This would be for the support of the team who just won their 2022 state championships. By buying scented clear gel wax candles for $25 each, the donors can contribute their part to the noble cause. It is a 3-wick cancel weighing 20 oz. There is a clear gel in it that is scented with mesmerizing fragrance.  The candle is embedded with two high school mascots flanking the 3 wicks, namely, Highlander pride(pineapple lemonade), The Crown Jewel (citrus sage), and Wishing Wales (Caribbean musk). Every fragrance represents the pride of the school and the city. 

Kes said, “My 3-wick clear gel wax candles will be the flame in your heart and sparkle in your eye. Each candle is infused with a combination of scents to transform your home into a more cozy and pleasant space.” He added, “While you watch your favorite team compete on tv or out tailgating. After cheering on their favorite team on TV, people can relax with our aromatic candle.” These candles command attention and start a conversation in any room. The elements and emotions like health, healing, and celebration were the sources of inspiration for Kes to get started with these candles.

The official website of Kez Kandlez presents a diversity of designs the brand has created. The buyer can visit here to buy candles for the Lake Wales High School fundraising. Learn more at:

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Kez Kandlez is a startup candle business selling unique and attractive designs of candles for its audience. These candles claim to initiate a sense of relaxation and calmness within their users. Kes, the founder, and Face yo’ Fears, a health cafe, seek to raise $50k by selling scented clear gel wax candles for a high school community event in Lake Wales.

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