Severe Dry Eye Market Size, Treatment Market, Companies And Market Report By Delveinsight

Severe Dry Eye Market Size, Treatment Market, Companies And Market Report By Delveinsight

February 22
16:00 2023
Severe Dry Eye Market Size, Treatment Market, Companies And Market Report By Delveinsight
Severe Dry Eye Market

(Albany, US) DelveInsight’s “Severe Dry Eye Market Insights, Epidemiology, and Market Forecast-2032” report provides an in-depth understanding of the disease, historical and forecasted epidemiology, as well as Severe Dry Eye market trends in the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom), and Japan.


Some of the key facts of the Severe Dry Eye Market

  • According to the American Association of Ophthalmology, roughly 20 million people living in the United States and 334 million worldwide have dry eye  diseases. 
  • In January 2022, Sun Pharma Canada Inc, introduced CEQUA, a calcineurin inhibitor, delivered with nanomicellar (NCELL) technology that improves the bioavailability and physicochemical stability of cyclosporine to increase ocular tissue penetration.
  • NovaBay Pharmaceuticals launched Avenova Lubricating Eye Drops for the treatment of dry eye symptoms in January 2022
  • In January 2021, Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc. launched EYSUVIS (loteprednol etabonate ophthalmic suspension) for the short-term treatment of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.
  • In May 2019, Novartis entered into an agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to acquire the assets associated with Xiidra (lifitegrast ophthalmic solution) worldwide.


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Key benefits of the Severe Dry Eye Market report:

  • The study provides a detailed review of Severe Dry Eye, including its causes, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and current treatments.
  • Study of the 7MM has offered comprehensive insight into the epidemiology and management of Severe Dry Eye.
  • Furthermore, an all-inclusive description of both present and emerging Severe Dry Eye treatments is offered, as well as an analysis of future therapies that will have an influence on the current treatment landscape.
  • The research includes a full evaluation of the Severe Dry Eye market, both historical and anticipated, as well as drug outreach in the 7MM population.
  • By understanding the trends defining and driving the worldwide Severe Dry Eye market, the study gives you an advantage when formulating business plans.


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Severe Dry Eye Overview

Dry eye disease develops when there is too little tear production or tears evaporate too quickly. In both cases, there is not enough fluid in the tears. This insufficiency in the amount of tears can make the surface of the eye dry out. Dry eyes may be caused due to allergies, low humidity or windy weather. However for some individuals certain health conditions, including autoimmune diseases, dry eyes transcend into a health risk. Common symptoms of dry eye includes:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Excessive watering
  • Light sensitivity
  • Redness
  • Blurry vision

Chronic dry eye disease can damage ocular tissues and in very serious cases, lead to scarring of the cornea, the clear dome of tissue that covers the front part of the eye. This damage can cause blurry vision and in severe instances, vision loss. Conditions such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Scleroderma may cause severe dry eye. Treatment of dry eyes include, avoiding air blowing in the eyes, using a dehumidifier, taking frequent eye breaks, blinking often, using artificial tears, eye gel, ointment, or lid scrubs. 


Severe Dry Eye Market 

The report’s Severe Dry Eye market outlook assists in developing a detailed understanding of historic, current, and forecasted Severe Dry Eye market trends by analyzing the impact of current Severe Dry Eye therapies on the market, unmet needs, drivers and barriers, and demand for better technology. This section examines the Severe Dry Eye market trend of each marketed drug and late stage pipeline therapy by evaluating their impact based on the annual cost of therapy, inclusion and exclusion criteria, mechanism of action, compliance rate, growing market need, increasing patient pool, covered patient segment, expected launch year, competition with other therapies, brand value, market impact, and key opinion leaders’ perspectives. Severe Dry Eye market statistics are supplied with pertinent tables and graphs to provide a comprehensive picture of the market at a glance. According to DelveInsight, the Severe Dry Eye market in 7MM is expected to undergo significant change between 2019 and 2032.


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Severe Dry Eye Companies 

  • Santen SAS
  • Alcon Research
  • And Many More


Severe Dry Eye Pipeline 

  • NOVA22007
  • And Many More


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Table of Contents

1. Key Insights

2. Executive Summary of Severe Dry Eye

3. Competitive Intelligence Analysis for Severe Dry Eye

4. Severe Dry Eye: Market Overview at a Glance

5. Severe Dry Eye: Disease Background and Overview

6. Severe Dry Eye Patient Journey

7. Severe Dry Eye Epidemiology and Patient Population

8. Severe Dry Eye Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices

9. Severe Dry Eye Unmet Needs

10. Key Endpoints of Severe Dry Eye Treatment

11. Severe Dry Eye Marketed Products

12. Severe Dry Eye Emerging Therapies

13. Severe Dry Eye: Seven Major Market Analysis

14. Attribute analysis

15. 7MM: Severe Dry Eye Market Outlook

16. Access and Reimbursement Overview of Severe Dry Eye

17. KOL Views

18. Severe Dry Eye Market Drivers

19. Severe Dry Eye Market Barriers

20. Appendix

21. DelveInsight Capabilities

22. Disclaimer

23. About DelveInsight


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