Hicar Group Limited invests USD 105 million to establish Hicars Auto Union, promoting global auto brand advertising into a new era

Hicar Group Limited invests USD 105 million to establish Hicars Auto Union, promoting global auto brand advertising into a new era

February 24
22:20 2023

Hicar Group Limited is a global investment group company dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals around the world through innovative and sustainable business models. Companies operate in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, and automotive, and work to drive economic growth and development.

In February 2021, Hicar Group Limited announced an investment of US$105 million to formally establish Hicars Auto Union to provide integrated automotive advertising and marketing solutions for global auto brands, marking a new era for the global auto brand advertising market.

Hicars Auto Union is an important milestone in the development of Hicar Group Limited. The founding team of Hicar launched the beta version of this project on a small scale in 2018, mainly in the European and North American markets. After two years of operation, Hicars Auto Union has increased a large number of customers and revenue, and gained a lot of capital attention.

The Hicars Auto Union platform has signed more than 1,000 auto brands and companies, and plans to provide 1 million online video review jobs. Hicars Auto Union will return 80% of the advertising revenue to all online workers who help Hicar review advertisements and score videos on the platform, allowing all online workers to work online and share the revenue.

Facing the background of talent shortage and employment difficulties, Hicars Auto Union has not only provided online jobs through a series of innovative measures, but also explored a new path in the field of automobile advertising and marketing.

The establishment of Hicars Auto Union will provide integrated automotive advertising solutions to help global automotive brands reach their target audience more effectively. The platform’s 1 million online video review jobs will create employment opportunities for people around the world.

The success of Hicars Auto Union is due to its efficient marketing strategy and innovative technical solutions. The platform uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms to intelligently match and optimize advertisements, thereby increasing the click-through rate and conversion rate of advertisements. In addition, Hicars Auto Union has also introduced more technical means to ensure the security and traceability of advertising data, so that advertisers and consumers can trust and rely on Hicars Auto Union more.

Hicars Auto Union(https://hicars.vip/)aims to revolutionize the automotive advertising industry by providing unique integrated solutions to global brands. Through online video review jobs provided by the platform, individuals worldwide can benefit from flexible and convenient working hours while contributing to the development of the automotive industry.

“Hicars Auto Union is committed to creating more online job opportunities for people and contributing to global economic growth,” said the CEO of Hicar Group Limited. “Our mission is to strive for excellence, innovation and best-in-class service to our customers, and we are excited about Hicars Auto Union’s prospects and positive impact on the industry.”

The future development goal of Hicars Auto Union is to become a leader in the field of global auto brand advertising and marketing. The company will continue to optimize technology and services to provide advertisers and consumers with more efficient and valuable marketing solutions. At the same time, Hicars Auto Union will continue to help online workers achieve a better life and work.

A new iteration of Hicars Auto Union will be launched in the next few weeks, and interested friends can browse it on the platform’s website (https://hicars.vip/).

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