Maestro Roberto Fabbriciani’s new album will be released on May 25, 2023.

Maestro Roberto Fabbriciani’s new album will be released on May 25, 2023.

May 08
10:20 2023
Maestro Roberto Fabbriciani's new album will be released on May 25, 2023.
Maestro Roberto Fabbriciani
SUBMERGED SOUND is an innovative album which, in addition to appealing to the general public of Classical Music, will represent a fantastic discovery for all those listeners who love the flute regardless of musical genres.

Roberto Fabbriciani is one of the most important flutists around the world, especially dedicated to the classical music of Twentieth century and he is still a great protagonist of the Music of our time.

He is a point of reference, it’s impressive to remember the many composers with whom he collaborated: Berio, Boulez, Bussotti, Cage, Carter, Castiglioni, Clementi, Dallapiccola, De Pablo, Donatoni, Ferneyhough, Gaslini, Hosokawa, Huber, Krenek, Kurtag, Maderna, Messiaen, Morricone, Petrassi, Pousseur, Rihm, Rota, Sciarrino, Stockhausen, Yun and many others.  Of particular importance is the collaboration with Luigi Nono because with him there was a long and fundamental experience at the Experimental Studio in Freiburg that he has pioneered new avenues in sound manipulation.  Composers different from each other and to perform them well in addition to the skills techniques also require a great artistic sensitivity.

Maestro Fabbriciani had a hyperbass flute built, an instrument invented in 1976.

His exceptional solo activity has also taken place with the greatest orchestras in the world and with legendary conductors: Abbado, Chailly, Eötvös, Gatti, Gavazzeni, Maag, Maderna, Muti, Sinopoli, Tamayo.

He taught at the Florence Conservatory and held master classes at the Mozarteum Salzburg and numerous flute seminars around the world. 

He also wrote numerous books dedicated to the flute. 

His discography is endless. He dedicated so many albums to the music of Bussotti, Cage, Clementi, De Plabo, Maderna, Morricone, Nono, Platz, Pousseur, Scelsi, Sciarrino and many others.

Roberto Fabbricinai is also a great composer, among his recent works can be quote: Glacier in Extinction; Alchemies; Cantus; Suoni per Gigi; When the sun comes up; Zeus joeur de flutes; Figaro il barbiere (freely from Rossini); Grande grande Amore; Alluvione; Conversation on Tiresias (by Andrea Camilleri).

SUBMERGED SOUND, which will be released on May 25th for the MUSICA PRESENTE RECORDS, is a demonstration of Fabbriciani’s compositional talent, which resorts to the family of flutes, including the hyperbass, and electronics which is curated by one of the historical masters of musical information technology, Alvise Vidolin. In this album the sounds have been pre-recorded and processed by Alvise Vidolin, who he deeply grasped the inventive and dreamlike character of the pieces. 

Maestro Fabbriciani says: “This album it wants to be a story. A story of life lived in my childhood and also the fruit of my own fantasy. The energy and rarefaction of the sound are peculiar elements of these pieces. The sound appears like a voice from the deep earth trying to communicate. Submerged, suffocated sounds, sounds dark, deep, looking for the light. The hyperbass flute voice uses a range of frequencies wider and more fractional division of the octave”.

Undoubtedly the exceptional work that Masetro Fabbriciani has done and is doing as an interpreter has constituted the starting point of compositional creativity which in this album takes place as one rarefied sound narration, between shadowy sounds coming from the unconscious and luminous glimmers. 

A great work that Musica Presente Records is proud to offer as deep and intense sound scan.

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Renzo Cresti

Artistic Director of Musica Presente Records

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