CACASHOP, The global e-commerce platform, has been praised with rousing acclaim and exceeded 15 million active users worldwide

CACASHOP, The global e-commerce platform, has been praised with rousing acclaim and exceeded 15 million active users worldwide

June 05
12:36 2023

On March 12th, CACASHOP has been achieving stellar results on a global scale, exceeding 15 million active users worldwide, with a year-on-year growth of 49.3% in active users. Numerous investment entities have shown high regard for this platform, solidifying CACASHOP’s position as the choice of increasing numbers of e-commerce sellers and consumers. This infuses a fresh dynamism into the cross-border e-commerce market, and CACASHOP continues to garner favorable market attention.

The user base of CACASHOP is still in a rapid expansion phase. The exponential growth of its consumer base has concurrently led to a steady increase in the number of sellers on CACASHOP. As of March 2023, CACASHOP has more than 370,000 sellers worldwide, with an growth of more than 12% compared to February 2023.

The number of global enterprises signing supply agreements has surpassed 3000, with 225 being large-scale corporations, and over 200 newly established overseas commodity storage centers.

“Since becoming a seller at the end of ’21, my store brings me thousands of dollars in revenue every week. I am profoundly grateful to CACASHOP for this bounty. I am on the brink of purchasing my very first apartment.” Kriek Rutger Jacab stated.

“It’s truly astonishing. Fortune seems to continually accompany with me. I’ve earned over 50,000 dollars in just three months, significantly enhancing the quality of my life.” Kennedy George Samson shared.

“I’ve now become the envy of my friends. I was once a single mother, struggling to make ends meet by working three jobs a day. But in my second week as a CACASHOP seller, I sold hundreds of items – an insane amount, doubling my monthly income. My friends have now joined me in enlisting with CACASHOP. My deepest thanks to CACASHOP.” Clarke Caitlin Sophia confessed.

“It is so convenient. With just a smartphone or a computer, one can work from anywhere in the world. This year, I purchased my first luxury car. When I first encountered CACASHOP, I didn’t anticipate it bringing monumental changes to my life. Initially, I just wanted to give it a try, but it turned out to be a delightful surprise. Now, I enjoy a nomadic lifestyle with my girlfriend, whether we are in the Maldives or Sri Lanka, I can work. I’ve fallen in love with this way of life.” Mccartney Ryan Christopher remarked.

 CACASHOP offers its certified sellers a one-click drop-shipping service from their goods warehouse, eliminating the need to pay hefty costs for bulk purchase of goods in advance. This abolishes the high procurement and storage costs associated with traditional e-commerce platforms, thereby reducing the entry barrier and risk for sellers. It disrupts the conventional model of stock-first-then-sell, providing an additional revenue channel for a wider user base. As for consumers, they can select and purchase reasonably duty-free, inexpensive, and high-quality overseas goods through the shopping platform

“In the long run, CACASHOP, primarily a new retail format cross-border e-commerce platform, has the potential to emerge as the next e-commerce titan.” Renowned economist Jagdish Bhagwati appraised

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