Omnipotent Industries: Making itself Omni presence in the Bitumen field

Omnipotent Industries: Making itself Omni presence in the Bitumen field

June 06
07:00 2023
Omnipotent Industries: Making itself Omni presence in the Bitumen field

Bitumen is one of the construction materials that play a key role in India’s infrastructure development, as it is used widely used to build roads and pavements in the country. The Indian bitumen market was worth $2.8 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 2.8% between 2019 and 2026. Mumbai-based, Omnipotent Industries Limited is the leading distributor and importer of packed bitumen in the country. The company made its debut in the SME market on November 21. It is also regarded as one of the first players in the bitumen industry’s SME Market.

Starting as just a trading unit, Omnipotent Industries expanded its business with the straightforward idea of making Bitumen Stock available throughout the entire year and 24×7, that too on future indenting and hedging at a fixed price. This is one of the challenging tasks because availability is heavily dependent on refineries and it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get timely stock forget about price indenting. Procuring packed drum bitumen at a reasonable price is the refinery’s top priority. Because of currency fluctuations, imports are the second area where price variation is a key cause of worry. So many importers are compelled to sell at the lowest possible price by the time they get delivery, rely on outside warehouses, or change from packed bitumen to bulk bitumen by contracting a private decanting facilitator.

High-quality material from Middle Eastern nations with well-known refineries, which are known for generating the best-grade bitumen in the world, is imported by Omnipotent Industries. By focusing on providing the best products and services to its customers, the company continues to set the standard for creating “GREATER ROAD CONNECTIVITY.”

Bitumen is widely used in the construction of roads, due to its many benefits over other materials used to build pavements. It is a sturdy binder that is easy to make, recyclable, and non-toxic. It is used in bituminous waterproofing systems, roofing felt, and flat roofs, in addition to road construction. As it plays such an important role in India’s infrastructure development, Omnipotent Industries Limited has made it a point to supply bitumen of the highest tested quality to the markets throughout the country. The company’s primary role is to oversee the import and distribution of different bituminous goods, including packaged and bulk bitumen, in the country.

Mr. Prince P. Shah founded Omnipotent Industries Limited in 2016 in Mumbai, with the aim of continuing the bitumen business that Global Enterprises had earlier started. Mr. Shah now serves the company as its Managing Director/Chairman and leads the team with extensive experience and skills.

Since it was founded, Omnipotent Industries has built a reputation for quality, dependability, and cost-effectiveness throughout time. The company offers bitumen solutions to importers, manufacturers, and merchants for use in producing and building roads. High-grade bitumen, bitumen emulsions, and special bituminous allied products are also imported and sold by them.

Omnipotent Industries’ Founder, Mr. Prince P. Shah, who now leads the company as its Managing Director/Chairman, has come a long way in his professional journey. He acquired his leadership skills while working for Global Enterprises and other businesses. A management postgraduate, Mr. Shah, founded Krushstar Industry Pvt. Ltd. before working as the general manager of TikiTar Industry Baroda Pvt. Ltd. in South India and the general plant manager of Southern Asphalt in Karnataka. These positions gave him extensive experience in bitumen operations, and they also gave him a strong clientele network.

Mr. Shah and his team successfully transported an impact consignment ship of base oil SN 130 total amount of 20,00 MT ship sea Delta at Hazira Port from Pertamina Refinery, Indonesia, in 2020. Mr. Shah also held a one-to-one meeting with Mr. A.M. Alikhani, the consul general of Iran, in 2019.

Omnipotent Industries takes pride in its commitment to putting consumers first, with a mission to dominate the bitumen market. As it has been for the past 23 years, Mr. Prince P. Shah. wants to continue making Omnipotent the best and most reliable firm in the bitumen industry. As its name suggests, the company seeks to be Omni present in the bitumen industry.

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