Neutralizing Antibodies Supportive for Research on SARS-CoV-2 – Supplied by Creative Biolabs

August 22 02:20 2020
To meet the challenges brought by the COVID-19, scientists at Creative Biolabs have immediately leveraged useful resources to develop high-standard neutralizing antibodies that are verified to have suppressing effects on the viral infection process.

New York, USA – August 21, 2020 – Based upon the extensive experience in the field of antibody development and engineering since establishment, Creative Biolabs, as an expert in the area of developing desired recombinant antibody according to clients’ requests, immediately responded to coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent studies have shown that some neutralizing antibodies obtained from the hospitalized COVID-19 patients can bind to the surface of the virus, meanwhile blocking the receptor binding activity, and therefore neutralize the virus. The studies provide an optimistic research direction for the researchers working on drugs and vaccines that neutralizing antibodies (Nabs) can be a hope for the patients with a weak immune response.

The scientists keep up with the latest research trend and have organized high-standard products of sars neutralizing antibody for research use, with the help of high-end technology platforms.

Product Catalog

Anti-SARS-CoV Recombinant Antibody
Anti-SARS-CoV N Recombinant Antibody
Anti-SARS-CoV M Recombinant Antibody
Anti-SARS-CoV S Recombinant Antibody
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 RBD Recombinant Antibody
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 N Recombinant Antibody
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S Recombinant Antibody
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S1 Recombinant Antibody

Those antibodies share advantages in the following aspects.

* No animal immunization required-the recombinant antibodies were developed using technical means to incorporate genes, heavy chain & light chain gene into expression vectors.

* Monovalency-highly specific that the affinity reaches nanomolar or even picomolar levels.

* Reliable reproducibility.

* Flexible isotype conversion-free to shift between isotypes or species after technically adding corresponding domains.

In addition to the neutralizing antibodies for studies on COVID-19, Creative Biolabs also provides various other antibody products, which are categorized into three groups, primary antibody, secondary antibody, and isotype control, suitable for various research areas, such as cellular marker, cell biology, cancer research, immunology, stem cell and so on. One of the highlights is the broad range of assays to which those antibodies are applicable, including protein-based assay (ELISA, WB, IP, SPR, DB), cell-based assay (FC, ICFC, CyTOF, IHC), tissue-based assay (IHC, IF), and functional assays.

It is understandable that every research project has unique requirements and objects. Creative Biolabs offers customizable solutions to help customers inquiring antibodies beyond the existing product list and ensures satisfactory results.

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Creative Biolabs is a leading solution provider of biotechnology, offering first-level services and products regarding antibody products, antibody development, and antibody engineering. Since the establishment in the USA in 2005, Creative Biolabs has developed itself to an international enterprise with bases in Europe. After years of devotion in relevant fields, it has gradually become globally renowned and accumulated regular customers from pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and universities.

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